Ewan Sherriff is a senior lawyer with broad experience in transactional real estate and commercial work. He has learned and understood the fundamentals of real estate asset management and knows how and when to apply these in order to maximise return on investment. Beyond that Ewan is equally regarded as a deal maker and business developer of the highest calibre amongst his peers and clients alike. Ewan Sherriff’s skill set stretches beyond that of most lawyers. He is multi-faceted from investment work for numerous high profile clients to construction/development, banking/finance and restructuring as well as corporate/commercial and joint venture agreements.

Ewan has direct experience of fostering existing client relationships and building new ones, expanding team size and return markedly, indeed it is one of his strongest assets. Equally Mr Sherriff has previous experience of building a team for a particular set of circumstances whilst also developing a work load in tandem creating a successful business.

Throughout his career, Ewan Sherriff has demonstrated outstanding commercial initiative, management skill and an ability to think laterally. His client base has changed many times over his career highlighting Ewan’s ability to stay ahead of the game and develop his practice in different directions. For example, following the Real Estate sector recession in the UK Ewan was able to tap into his network of bank contacts and just before Christmas 2009 his team acted for Halifax Bank of Scotland (now part of Lloyds Banking Group) in selling Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow to Hammerson.

Clients and contacts of Ewan Sherriff have remained loyal to him throughout his career and he can continue to call upon the wealth of real estate professionals and contacts he now has across the globe. Ewan can source transaction opportunities across the scale and sectors, structure transactions, source finance, asset manage and add value and sell.

Ewan Sherriff is a dynamic and driven individual who has been highly successful in his career to date. He feels he can be a significant asset to any organisation when combining his legal expertise with his commercial ability to deliver. Mr Sherriff is a natural leader and this has been established and recognised by both clients and peers alike.


Does anyone else miss real pubs ?

Perhaps I’m living in the wrong place or swimming in the wrong circles but over the last few years there seems to be an ever-increasing number of what I would call ‘real pubs’ being replaced with wine bars and pretentious alternatives.

I have to try pretty hard these days to find good old fashioned public houses with nice atmospheres, a good selection of beers and ales, and a lovely open fire to sit by. I don’t think it’s much to ask and I think the pub experience has been very hard hit by the change in style.

Maybe once the economy picks up and all the pubs which have been forced to close re-open, we will see a return to traditional pubs in Britain. I can only hope!

Oh he’s such a nice man !

Jack Daniels (well, his drink anyway) has been around in various liquid guises since the mid to late 1800’s, and has been produced in Tenessee for all that time. Although JD is as cool as alcohol can get, featuring in every hip and trendy actors hand at some point in some movie at some time, it is about to be re-born in the UK…

‘Gentleman Jack’ is old news in the U.S but will be introduced into the UK anytime soon. It is double mellowed and said to be far better suited to cocktails than the ‘old number 7’ we are used to. I for one can’t wait to find out !!

This info was gleamed courtesy of the blog over at Pubs.org.uk, where you can find daily news stories from the world of UK Pubs and Bars.

OK, so we know what the deal is living here in the UK, but this is plainly ridiculous !

If ever we needed proof that Global Warming was nothing more than a new business sector in disguise we now have it in the form of ‘summer’ 2009. If we get this much precipitation over the winter, we will be buried under a mile of snow for months.

If I had an indoor hobby I wouldnt mind, but how I am supposed to enjoy such summer delights as Paddling Pools if I can’t keep dry out of the water ??

I sense a steady population decline in the UK over the next couple of decades, strangely linked to a steady population increase in New-Zealand..

A new threat emerged in Afghanistan yesterday when the Taliban utilised it’s very first bomb dog.

The Afghan cross-breed German shepherd has become an unwilling participant in the struggle for the Taliban’s homeland as a new strategy takes shape. The move took coalition troops completely by surprise, but one bomb dog was captured alive and along with it, a glimpse into the desperate mind of the Taliban combatants.

The dog had been hollowed out and filled with a mixture of C4, gunpowder and peanut m&ms. Care had been taken not to disrupt any of the dogs vital organs and a radio detonator had been planted in the dogs anus. Calculations predicted the explosive force would have been enough to destroy a lightly armoured vehicle.

Unfortunately this prediction was proved chillingly correct when, just hours later, a bomb dog was detonated as an American convoy passed close by. 2 soldiers were killed by flying m&ms, one soldier’s arm was taken off by the dog’s head, and a nearby Afghan child sadly dropped his ice cream.

Local commander Lewie Benito was quoted shortly afterwards as saying “It’s shit”.

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Fratton Park is the official home of Portsmouth FC, an English football team in the premier league. The stadiums four stands were until very recently the only premiership stands without a roof, and to this day has the lowest capacity.

Fratton Park is well over 100 years old and is soon to be replaced by a brand new stadium in Portsmouth, funded in large part by a new club owner. In 1948 Fratton Park was one of only two stadiums to host matches as part of the summer Olympics and the new ground has been tipped for a similar role in future.

Current plans for a new stadium on Horsea Island have been put on hold temporarily, and as an intermediary step extra work will be carried out at Fratton Park, including the rotation of the existing pitch by 90 degrees.

If you are planning a trip to see a match at Fratton Park, you may need accommodation. If so I would personally recommend the Hotels in England website for swift and easy booking of hotels and guest houses in the area.

So Google  lurches ever forward in it’s efforts to rule our small damp planet..

[Google enters Operating System market]

They are simply not content with having a monopoly on the ‘internet search’ market, which makes good business sense, but is also pretty scary. You see due to the fact that they do have a monopoly on the internet search market, they have far more power at their disposal than most mere mortals could even contemplate. They do after all, ultimately control what information we all receive when we type those seemingly unimportant and entirely anonymous (ha! you have no idea) queries into that innocent looking search bar. Not only are your search habits collectively tracked and analyzed at Google HQ, but the results which appear are in no way random..  Think about it for a second..  or two ..

Displaying biased information on a whole plethora of subjects can influence the way hundreds of thousands, no, tens of millions of us think about things. Everyone knows how powerful the media can be when showing only one side of the coin, and Google’s coin is pretty damn big.

Now try to imagine what new powers they will inherit if they successfully penetrate the Operating System industry…

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